Why should you care about AWS Community Builders program?


“If you have the knowledge, let others light their candles in it”
- Margaret Fuller

Knowledge is something that increases by sharing.
You have already seen so many Community channels where you search all your queries, doubts for solving your problems related to that Service or topic we can say.
The same service is being offered by AWS also where you can contribute, learn new things, and get recognized by communicating with AWS Product teams.

If you’re an AWS enthusiast I must say go for it.

What is AWS Community Builders Program?

The AWS Community Builders program offers technical resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to AWS enthusiasts and emerging thought leaders who are passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting with the technical community.

If we talk about who can join the program? simply, everyone can join who is 18 or older and passionate about building on AWS can apply to join the AWS Community Builders program. As it is not a region-specific program application process is open to AWS builders worldwide.

Although it’s neither one time nor lifetime achievement, you will be involved for a year after selection into AWS Community but after a year if you feel you have gained your knowledge and want to contribute again either in the same subject or want to go for a different one you can just re-apply.

Note: The program is free of cost for all members.

Why would want to join the AWS Community Builders Program?

Members of the program will receive:

*Access to AWS product teams and information about new services and features
*Mentorship from AWS subject matter experts on a variety of topics, including content creation, community building, and support for submitting CFPs and securing speaking engagements
*AWS Promotional Credits and other helpful resources to support content creation and community-based work
*Fast track your AWS knowledge and gain unique community opportunities

AWS Promotional Credits

AWS Credits are the equivalent of US dollars that can be spent on most AWS cloud resources.
These AWS credits are provided to you to power creative community projects.
Accepted members will receive AWS Credits

AWS Networking

When joining the AWS Community Builders you are networked with all other active builders
Exclusive access to the AWS Community Builders private Slack Channel

Service category:
Currently, the program covers the following technology areas:
Containers, Data (databases, analytics, and BI), Developer Tools, Front-End Web and Mobile, Game Tech, Graviton/Arm Development, Management and Governance + Migration, Machine Learning, Network Content & Delivery, Security & Identity, Serverless, and Storage.

Why AWS Community Builders?
The answer to this question points us to another question i.e.
What are the benefits of this program?
When you join this program you’ll get:

  • Access to AWS product teams and information about new services and features.
  • Mentorship from AWS subject matter experts on various topics, including contribution towards Community Building, Creating your content, helping with other’s queries, and many more.
  • You will get opportunities to connect with and learn from like-minded developers.
  • And so many surprises.

Where to apply for the Program?

In this article, I will drop apply link for AWS Community Builders program. You will just have to visit that link and have to fill the application form.

Click Here To Apply

How to apply?
When you visit the above-mentioned link you will be asked to fill a form like this:

What about the process?
Applications will be reviewed twice a year, and applicants who are accepted into the program will be invited on a twice-yearly basis. While there is no single specific criterion for being accepted into the program, applications will generally be reviewed for evidence and accuracy of technical content, such as blog posts, open-source contributions, and presentations; online knowledge sharing, such as posts to AWS Forums, Stack Overflow, Reddit, and related Slack channels; and community organization efforts, such as hosting AWS User Groups, Meetups, and other community-based events.

What are the expectations from members?
Program members are expected to join virtual calls, participate in mentorship opportunities, continue to share or produce educational and technical content, actively engage with and help build the AWS community, and demonstrate continued interest in learning more about AWS.


If you are an AWS enthusiast, you create content, build software or organize events around AWS services, then you should definitely apply to join the program. You will find a lot of opportunities to connect to and learn from like-minded people.
Now that you know what the program is and the benefits of being accepted, I hope you have had enough reason to apply and join me and the others. We would love to network with you.

Outside of motivation, you have many sources for inspiration, opportunities to gain a new perspective and boost your content. In other words: you have a great place to grow by learning and discussing various stuff.

But that’s not everything.


Thanks for reading!

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Full Stack Web Developer Tech Enthusiast | Speaker| Writer| DSC Lead | Community Builder| AWS Enthusiast |Find me @ubaidullahrao2

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Ubaidullah Rao

Ubaidullah Rao

Full Stack Web Developer Tech Enthusiast | Speaker| Writer| DSC Lead | Community Builder| AWS Enthusiast |Find me @ubaidullahrao2

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